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by Kevin Tennert about a year ago in inspirational
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Adventure on hard pavement

A thunderous roar causes a quake

The accompanying laughter close at hand

The emotions are high at daybreak

A welcoming jitter over this great vast land

Unlimited freedom we shall retake

The arduous challenges together we withstand

Not a single minute we will forsake

Right through the core of our heartland.

The pavement is fun, it leads the way

Alongside are its friends, they look after us

Decisions are final, we shall obey

We’re a rowdy bunch in our tiny bus

Cruising the great mile down the freeway

Nothing bad to expect, no need to discuss

Their tight authority we cannot outweigh

A problem arises, no matter, don’t fuss.

The landscape is grand, so much to see

So much plays along, we love to know

The excitement is abound, so carefree

So many quiet features like a meadow

The nature is gorgeous to the highest degree

Reminds me of the times of ol’ Idaho

This was reality, no hyperbole

It was a blessing, our exclusive show.

So many towns in between in peace

All were different so much to say

Our curiosity was driven by caprice

Their identities are rich, so much to convey

The tickets were free for this showpiece

The joyous thrill on our holiday

Flamboyant buildings as a centerpiece

A nice slumber is in order, we hit the hay.

We rejoin as trusty members of the flow

Greeting our friends with a cheery wave

We are a part of a rolling road show

Up and down the great enclave

From east to west by the late James Monroe

A long open stretch was all the rave

A change of scenery by the Gulf of Mexico

So much to discover but no conclave.

The kings of the road are a nice sight

They hug the lane with their sleek attire

No darkness can stop their leading light

A gorgeous shine boasting with fire

Ruler of the highway in its own right

Boredom never appears, the mighty purifier

Knowing the perfect way to expedite

The collective brotherhood to conspire.

We must bow down to the overlord

Accepting its role as it shows

The distinctive design of a checkerboard

We drop the act, we don’t dare oppose

Its imposing features strikes a chord

A whole new world to overexpose

New things found in historical record

The funs stops, falls like dominos.

A civilization widespread, towers are abound

The affluent human touch within its power

Its reputation is known and very renowned

The traffic is thick with the long rush hour

How awful it can be with the constant sound

So much is missing, not even one sunflower

Beneath me I favor a particular hard ground

Thanks to Dwight David Eisenhower.


About the author

Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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