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Currency Class

by Kevin Tennert 12 months ago in social commentary
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The dark side of dollars

A heavily misguiding element lies in our hands

Leading the rumbling charge of our daily plans

Our lords of representation are figures at play

Their manipulative ally forces them to betray

Without them they’re powerless, no way to get through

They become dazed with no one to look up to

They get what they want, they don’t have a choice

A victory is tattered, they all rejoice

Philosophical ideals are being pushed away

No longer reminiscent of their glorious heyday

A terrible substitute, a lawless type

Integrity, character and wisdom go down the waste pipe

Their intentions are clouded, they are distracted

Their moral thinking has become totally extracted

Their souls have been sold to the highest bidder

They were up for grabs, no time to reconsider

It reaps the rewards every single day

It eats them up much like radioactive decay

The leadership is sick with the disease

They need a good dose from the mighty Socrates

A declaration of war is on the table

The message is in every fiber optic cable

A collective group takes a noble stand

Planting seeds in the political wasteland

Rejuvenation is key, make some noise

Lining up our plan in tight convoys

We sent the message, our voice is clear

We’re all over the western hemisphere

We won’t back down, no compromise

Not to a single greedy commercial enterprise

We rule the land, it’s our bloody right

We’re boiling with anger to the highest Fahrenheit

Do what you must, we won’t stop our fight

Right down to the very last communications satellite

We storm the offices with pure conviction

We declare this now our wholly jurisdiction

You’ve got nothing to say, you’ve had your fill

Treason heads off to the sanitary landfill

Alas it is done! We’ve done our deed!

We’ll always have our support, it’s guaranteed.

social commentary

About the author

Kevin Tennert

I think expressing yourself in fundamental and categorical topics help create a more transparent, concise, and educational environment. For me, I like to explain key issues that dominate current events in society and encourage dialogue.

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