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My friends and I became interested in paranormal investigations a few years ago, though we are by no means professionals. We simply enjoy the...

By spooky sessionPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
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My friends and I became interested in paranormal investigations a few years ago, though we are by no means professionals. We simply enjoy the thrill of exploring allegedly haunted locations together whenever we're able.

One day, after finishing an investigation, my friend suggested we visit an abandoned rural Tennessee school rumored to be haunted. We had heard stories about a bullied student being beaten to death there and his body stashed under the floorboards. People say a dark, malevolent spirit haunts the school, perhaps even the one that drove the bully to murder.

Though my friend "A" couldn't join, my other friend "H" came along despite not sharing our enthusiasm for the paranormal. He just wanted something to do. When we arrived, the decaying school was even creepier than we expected.

We poked around the crumbling interior, even finding the infamous bathroom and boiler room despite warnings to avoid the dangerous basement. Feeling bold, we set up cameras and recorders to start investigating.

While some of us were in a classroom, "H" and I were in the hall where we heard a loud bang. We saw nothing, so continued on. Later, a terrified "H" swore he saw someone peer around a corner at him.

Even more uneasy, we all heard a child's laugh coming from the empty classroom. Against my intuition, my friend "E" went to check it out when the floor suddenly collapsed right where we'd stood moments before. I likely saved his life by stopping him.

We moved to the gym, but the ominous activity continued. Dowsing rods I held followed "E" no matter where he went. Asking if the spirit was angry with him, the rods froze unnaturally. Then something evil seemed to enter and violently thrashed them in my grip while deafening noises erupted around us. We fled in terror.

"H" said he'd seen a huge, horned creature with a wicked grin lurking in the gym's corner. We consider ourselves fortunate to have escaped unharmed and will never return.

That malevolent presence haunts us still. For everyone's safety, the building should be demolished and its remains purified by fire.

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