Save Me from Myself


They say mind over matter, but what do you do when your matters control your mind?

Is there a solution to this confusion or have I run out of time. I find myself breaking out in cold sweats while realizing I haven't been to sleep yet.

I slowly take deep breaths, I try to escape this madness but all I feel is sadness.

The room starts spinning, as I get tunnel vision and my body temperatures change, I begin to breathe heavily and my body gets a sharp pain.

I'm drenched with sweat and still, I can't breathe yet. Then it hits me that I'm having a panic attack.

The fear of no one hearing my cries makes me panic more as I lie

still on the floor.

I quietly pray someone opens the door, but no one appears which increase my fears.

I slowly start to breathe while thinking peaceful thoughts to put my mind at ease.

As the temperatures in my body return to its normal degree, I feel relieved that I can finally breathe and am no longer being held hostage by my doubts and fears that no one cares if I die or live.

performance poetry
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