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Owl & Raven

the red string

By Gail S.Published 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 2 min read

When Owl met the Raven

A question she did pose

“What is that thing that you have clutched

within your claw like toes?”

“An answer to a prayer” said Raven

“I hold with all my might”

“I have with me a string of red

that I hold so very tight”.

“A string of red?” did ask the Owl

“I hold one just like you”,

I search for its opposing end,

have searched my whole life through”.

“Surely it’s not you” said Raven

“That I’ve been waiting for

we are so very different,

yet we both have learned to soar”.

“The string is very long” said Owl

“Yet it brought me here to you,

“So now we sit upon this branch

and wonder what to do”.

Raven spoke matter of factly

When he said “Give me your end,

then we can go our separate ways

no hard feelings must we mend”.

“NO!” exclaimed the Owl

“A connection I now feel,

like the two of us are closer,

a feeling that is real”.

“I do not understand this”

said the Raven most confused

so he pulled the string much tighter

and was pleasantly amused.

The Owl was much closer

than she was the moment before,

she tried to fly away

but here heart cried out for more.

“I think you are the one” she said

"I’ve searched for, for so long"

a single tear left Ravens eye

as he felt a wave so strong.

“You hold the other end” said Raven

“Of this silly little string,

a string that never meant so much,

honestly, just a thing”.

“Until the day I met you” said Owl

“I never knew what it was for

yet now we sit upon this branch,

and know that it means more”.

Raven said “It sometimes tangles

and can be an awful mess”

Owl agreed “This may be true,

but it’s meaning is no less”.

Raven and Owl, Owl and Raven

As mismatched as they may be,

have learned to love the life they have,

sitting in the same old tree.

Sometimes the string is lessened,

sometimes very tight,

but they know the string unites them

makes everything alright.

Somewhere in the universe,

someone holds the other end,

of the string that you’ve been pulling,

all the love you both can send.

So pull the string to find the love

Your hearts been searching for

Together you’ll be happy,

Lonely nevermore.

Dedicated to my Raven,

All my love always, G.

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About the Creator

Gail S.

I am complicated, confusing and misunderstood but I am real. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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  • Mescaline Brisset10 months ago

    I love this poem! Beautifully intertwined. Thank you :)

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