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Out of Order (Let’s Call It a Day)

by Cheyanne Young 5 years ago in inspirational
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For the Day You Wake up and Realize That You Are worth so Much More than the Scars Left by the Words They Use to Hurt You

Chapter from a story I’ll never write — 002:

I have a bad habit of saying that I’m done, then turning around and letting you do it all over again.

You can’t see what you put me through, you deny that it’s ever your fault.

I’ve tripped over my bad decisions way too many times to count.

I keep falling on my face trying to make you happy, but you’re never truly happy in the end.

Somewhere between losing my mind and fighting just to make it through each day.

The consequences of our actions have left me spinning, tell me how to make it right.

I pray that everything will be okay, but i don’t know how to stop making the same mistakes again.

I do know that there’s nothing left for us to do, nothing left to fix.

We let things die, held on until you were squeezing me too tight.

Choking on air, to you I am just another thing you need to have complete control over.

I refuse to take you with me when I leave all of this behind.

No looking over my shoulder, all there is are more empty promises, broken apologies that you don’t mean.

You raise your voice tonight, thinking that you can get your way like every other time before.

That was then, and this is now for us to walk away before we both say things that we’ll end up regretting.

What you can’t see now, is that any chances you had are long gone and you’ll have to face it alone.

I won’t be around to pick up the pieces when you realize you’re all you have left in this world.

Whatever pain you don’t believe you’ve inflicted, I leave it here at the door when I go.

I know what I am worth now, and it’s more than any of the worthless words you shout.

Save your breath, this is the last time I give in to your manipulation and lies.

This time I’m calling it a day and never turning back, goodbye to your bad intentions.

I call the shots now, and what I say is that you no longer have any power over me.


About the author

Cheyanne Young

My name is Cheyanne, I'm 24 years old. I'm an aspiring writer living life day to day. I'm also a dreamer and a sometimes poet.

"I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still." - Sylvia Plath

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