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One day

by Jess S. 3 months ago in love poems

My homeless mind

One day
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One day when I was standing in the dark, and had no fire left in me, I turned my back on myself, I misguided my nature, left as an empty shell with nothing but loss.

One day I was left by my inner child when my dreams failed me and I turned the wrong way, when the footsteps were too heavy in the sand and my whole body was sinking.

One day I will find myself, win my fight, love myself, be myself.

One day I will burst through these empires’ gates with nothing than my throbbing heart, wishing I would have never looked the other way, glad now I am looking back, leaving my troubled shadow behind.

One day when I see the breaking of the dawn, I will return to the place my soul was born, where it was so innocent and pure, filled with nothing but love.

One day I will let go, I will be free again, I will be happy every now and then.

One day I will be able to stop taking and start giving, leaving my damaged mind behind, taking on better things.

One day I will conquer my fears in one single storm, my weapons will be sharpened, my heart will be ready, my mind will be steady.

One day I will stand here soaring and I will be shining, I will be smiling, I will have found my throne, my happiness, my everything, my home.

love poems

Jess S.

Carer by day, writer by night.

Always reaching for the stars and never look back.


Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

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Jess S.
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