Oncoming Storm

by Kat Miller 11 days ago in sad poetry

The End is Coming

Oncoming Storm
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash

The wind swept cold

through the broken trees.

It was time to know

what he was to be.

It was a long time

coming. And now he knew

that what was left of him

was far below.

In the raging darkness

As the wind gathered pace

He thought of all he had done

And all that he regretted.

There was not much

That he loved.

All he had left

Had left him long ago.

The time came

as he knew it would.

The trees bent to the

Oncoming storm.

He stood in a silence that

drowned out his heartbeat.

And he walked into the arms

Of darkness.

sad poetry
Kat Miller
Kat Miller
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