On Choice and Its Nature

When you're lost but you can find

On Choice and Its Nature

The gray and bitter stay that way by choice

and I believe that we all know the worst

and so we know the best

for everything, there is an opposite

and even truth and even lies

and all the lies are deeper puddles

and so the middle path is hidden

we would seek and we would find

these destinies the in between

the choice of what if, could have been

the last escape from tragic ends

are new beginnings for the lost

and we the lost are almost freer

in the world of past regrets

forgetting where the past resides

and still, we wander hopefully estranged

we figured out the path

it's not a straight away

it's not the winding even

but a landscape to explore

to climb the rocks and roll in valleys

to live at ease knowing the truth

that all these paths are double crossings

they all have been set foot upon

so wander aimless

wander lustful

wander passionately screaming

wanderlust is freeing when it's over it begins

it's not our sense of time

it's time we sense

the deep dark blue of mystery and knowledge

the mountains edge the ridge forsaken

and on the forest floor, we sleep with wolves

So pet the danger on its nose

and speak the language you oppose

take breath from rivers

drink from the sands of deserts vine

fill the void with your creation

hang a swing and lose your mind

leave a note for someone left behind

then sit still with voice of reason

speaking gibberish I’ve heard it say

“let go let God and He will lead you”

so far I’ve just been lead astray

And still, I am now finding

that the way is lost and I am known

I’ve been discovered by the world

I can not hide my presence in your eyes

their eyes can see and they all know me

I am all of you and aren't you in me

if we walk this path accepting

if we fit the gallows fine

let it be that I'll suffer

even if it brings the pain

But if I am not painfully mistaken

let me run wild with the pleasure of this life

the knowing that our paths are not just roads we travel

but a world which we create

from our illusion to reality of heart and mind

the soul and body understand

yet all the mind can do is wonder

and the heart beats rhythm into our restless bones

So keep the stride when night has fallen

if u wish to be the sky .......................................................................then fly.

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