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Ode To My Pen.....

By Alyxx Darkk

By Alyxx DarkkPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Oh, my dearest muse, inky lover of my soul,

In your embrace, my thoughts unfurl and roll.

With every stroke, you trace the contours of my desire,

Igniting flames of passion, a poetic fire.

Your slender form, a seductive dance in my hand,

As I caress your curves, I feel your command.

In the intimacy of ink upon paper, we unite,

Creating poetry, both tender and rite.

With each whispered word, you quench my thirst,

In the depths of your ink, I am immersed.

Together, we weave tales of love and lust,

In the symphony of our creation, we trust.

Oh, how your nib teases, a tantalizing touch,

As I guide you across the page, I feel so much.

Your ink, a velvet caress upon my skin,

A sensual dance, where I begin and you begin.

In the quiet of night, we surrender to our art,

As passion ignites, we become a part.

Of something greater, a union divine,

Where words become flesh, and hearts entwine.

So here I confess, my beloved pen,

In your ink, I find solace again and again.

For in your embrace, I am truly free,

To explore the depths of my love and ecstasy.

Forever yours, in ink and rhyme,

My beloved pen, till the end of time.

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About the Creator

Alyxx Darkk

Darkkness Incarnate, with a very very soft center. Please enjoy!

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