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Ocean's lullaby

Waves of Peace

By Made JakePublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Ocean's lullaby
Photo by NEOM on Unsplash

Down by the shore, where waves roll in and out,

The ocean sings its song, banishing every doubt.

With each gentle swell, it whispers a lullaby,

Underneath the sky, where seagulls soar and fly.

The salty breeze whispers secrets to the sand,

As seagulls cry out, gliding hand in hand.

Beneath the surface, where mysteries lie deep,

The ocean's heart beats softly, in a tranquil, timeless sleep.

Every wave that rises, every wave that falls,

Carries with it stories, whispers of far-off calls.

The sunlight dances on the water, a shimmering sight,

As the horizon stretches, promising dreams in the night.

So come walk along the beach, where shells lie scattered wide,

And listen to the ocean's song, as it fills you up inside.

For in the song of the sea, there's peace and there's grace,

In the Ocean's Song, where time and tide embrace.

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