No Choice Left

by Aaren Murphy about a year ago in heartbreak

Poetry From a Broken Heart

No Choice Left

The voices scream words at me

Coldness always caresses my skin

Fear is injected into my body's veins

I loose track of where all I've been

They coax and plead me to join them

I fight back and never win

I'm denied my choice of freedom

I ready myself to sin

The scratching against my skull

feels as if it might crack shortly

Getting me to this point was easy

making it feel so courtly

I follow as they lead me

The cliff is high and I lose my breath

I dive off toward the dark waters

Understanding I had no choice left

Aaren Murphy
Aaren Murphy
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Aaren Murphy

I am 2 year old mother and recently separated. I have always dreamed of becoming a writer and I work toward that goal every chance I get. I love writing short romances, poetry, fiction, and true personal life stories.

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