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Nine Pairs (Needled)

by Carrie Moran about a year ago in social commentary


Nine Pairs (Needled)

Today I would say a four to five (relief)No, some days it’s close to ten (memory)

I don’t like to take pharmaceuticals (trepidation)It was mainly for the depression (symptom)

This weekend I had a day where I slept 14 hours (recovering)Correct, and I also get night sweats (insomnia)

My digestion is the one thing I have dialed in (vegan)You shouldn’t eat that anymore, especially not for breakfast (relinquish)

I’m the only one in my family with this (root)Sure, you can (exposed)

Yes, it hurts in all those places (palpable)I’m thirty-three (saddled)

I have, and I’m also covered in tattoos (calm)Being in nature (joy)

If I had to pick, I guess happiness (today)I’m okay, thanks (stillness)

That makes a lot of sense (Eastern)I’ll see you in three days, then (priority)

social commentary
Carrie Moran
Carrie Moran
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