Nighttime hope.

by Yolanda Lonie 14 days ago in heartbreak

The cruelty of a broken heart.

Nighttime hope.

I lay down every night

hoping beyond hope

that the night spirits

have somehow lessened

my grief.

That they have somehow

gained access to my heart

and heal the pain.

But by morning light

when the sun breaks

through the dark sky

and touches my face.

I open my eyes to

feel the stab of missing

him in my heart.

When will this torment end?

When will I be able to live

and breathe again?

When will my eyes have cried enough,

tears to satisfy the gods?

I do not know...

So again tonight I pray...

"Please, stop my grief".

Yolanda Lonie
Yolanda Lonie
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Yolanda Lonie

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