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Nectar of Life

A Sip of Simple Joy

By Sasi KalaPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Nectar of Life
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

In a glass, a juice so fine,

A sip of life, a sweet design.

Fruits and sunshine in a blend,

A drink that feels like an old friend.

Life's journey, like a flowing stream,

Juice with dreams in every gleam.

Orange sunrise, a vibrant start,

A taste of hope in every part.

From orchards green to fields so wide,

Life and juice, forever tied.

Squeeze the joy, let sorrows cease,

In each drop, a sip of peace.

With each gulp, a story's told,

Of days so warm and nights so bold.

Life in colors, red and green,

In this juice, a world unseen.

So here's to juice, with life so sweet,

A nectar of moments, memories to greet.

Sip and savor, in each sip, find,

The magic of life, in juice entwined.

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About the Creator

Sasi Kala

I'm Sasikala, a poet crafting emotions into beautiful words, painting tales of natrue, love, strength, and the human adventure with each poem.

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