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Blush of Dawn

A leaf's Ballet

By Sasi KalaPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Sasikala

In the arboreal tapestry, a leaf alights,

A symphony of hues, where pink ignites.

Petals unfurl, a delicate ballet,

Nature's masterpiece in the light of day.

Whispers of zephyrs, a gentle caress,

In the garden's embrace, a chromatic dress.

Veins trace stories of growth and time,

Ripe pink leaf, a verse in nature's rhyme.

Sunlit stage, where shadows play,

Leaves whisper secrets, dusk to day.

Moonlight weaves a silver thread,

Nature's nocturne, softly spread.

Branches reach in the midnight air,

Casting silhouettes, a dance so rare.

Stars above, witnesses to the scene,

A celestial ballet, timeless and serene

nature poetry

About the Creator

Sasi Kala

I'm Sasikala, a poet crafting emotions into beautiful words, painting tales of natrue, love, strength, and the human adventure with each poem.

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