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peacock poem

Peacock Nature of Beauty

By Sasi KalaPublished 7 months ago 1 min read

Oh! Peacock! Peacock!

What is your beauty!

Peacock playing in my garden!

A peacock spreading colorful in its wings!

The sound you make in the morning is a melody!

In my garden haven, a peacock's grace,

Colors bloom, a vibrant embrace.

Feathers ablaze, a radiant bloom,

Nature's palette, in every plume.

When you see your chicken

I remember seeing jasmine...

When you dance with your thong spread out

I remember the beauty of the world dancing..

Keep your image

Like many women

I remember writing the poem...

As you conduct yourself

I remember walking in the garden..

You are in the game

I remember children jumping...

I remember seeing you..

Amidst the flora, it proudly struts,

A kaleidoscope of greens and rusts.

Golden eyes, like gems they gleam,

A living masterpiece, a splendid dream.

Whispers of wind carry its song,

Through petals and leaves, it dances along.

In my garden's heart, a peacock's delight,

A symphony of colors, a mesmerizing sight.

In resplendent hues, my peacock stands,

A masterpiece formed by nature's hands.

Azure and emerald in intricate blend,

A living artwork, where colors ascend.

Cobalt blue cascades like the endless sky,

Teal and turquoise in harmony lie.

Emerald green, like the forest's heart,

A tapestry woven with nature's art.

Golden hints like the sun's warm kiss,

A radiant palette that's hard to dismiss.

Each feather a stroke in the grand design,

A kaleidoscope of colors that intertwine.

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About the Creator

Sasi Kala

I'm Sasikala, a poet crafting emotions into beautiful words, painting tales of natrue, love, strength, and the human adventure with each poem.

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  • Novel Allen5 months ago

    Very nice.

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