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Nature's Love Symphony

A Poetic Ode to Love's Dance in the Sea, Moonlight, Sun, and Wind

By Niranjana. VPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Nature's Love Symphony
Photo by Lucian on Unsplash

In the realm of love, a nature's dance begins,

Where hearts like waves upon the sea's skin.

In the moon's gentle glow, our romance takes flight,

As the sun's warmth ignites our love's pure light.

Love's whispers carried on the wind's soft breath,

In the vastness of nature, our souls find their depth.

Like a sailor, I'm drawn to your love's shining shore,

With every tide of passion, I love you even more.

In the moonlit nights, our dreams intertwine,

As stars in the heavens brightly align.

The sea's rhythmic song, a love ballad so sweet,

In its ebb and flow, our hearts truly meet.

Beneath the sun's golden embrace, we find our way,

Love's warmth and radiance brighten our day.

With the wind as our witness, we're forever entwined,

In this natural love story, our hearts are defined.

So let's embrace the love that nature bestows,

As the sea, moon, sun, and wind, our story it shows.

With each element's grace, our love does bloom,

In this symphony of nature, our hearts find their room.

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Niranjana. V

I'm writer and blogger,I LOVE to express my words and thoughts,


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