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Mystic Mind's tapestry.

A beautiful poem about Mind's.

By Mehidi Hasan Published 7 months ago 1 min read
Mystic Mind's tapestry.
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

In the realms unseen, where wonders reside,

A universe unfurled, where thoughts collide,

Behold the mystic essence, unconfined,

The wondrous tapestry, the realm of mind.

In labyrinths of neurons, pathways thread,

A symphony of synapses, ideas spread,

Each flicker of a notion, a spark divine,

Igniting galaxies within, an endless design.

From whispers born in twilight's embrace,

To roaring tempests, thoughts interlace,

A cauldron of creation, where dreams unfurl,

The vast expanse of consciousness, a boundless swirl.

In minds, a kaleidoscope of hues,

Ethereal landscapes, everchanging views,

A prism of emotions, hues ablaze,

Painting portraits of life in myriad ways.

The mind, a soaring eagle, fierce and free,

A traveler of dimensions yet to be,

Through intellect's vast expanse it soars,

Exploring realms of knowledge and evermore.

But in its depths, a sanctuary lies,

A sanctuary of solitude, where wisdom flies,

Where introspection weaves a sacred song,

And the soul finds solace, where it belongs.

Within this tapestry of thoughts untamed,

Reside the dreams and visions unrestrained,

The seed of innovation, brilliance bright,

Transforming darkness into resplendent light.

Oh, mind, a vessel of boundless might,

With power to manifest the purest light,

Unlock the doors of perception wide,

And let the universe within you reside.

For in the realm of mind, all worlds unite,

The cosmos within, a starry night,

So let your thoughts soar on wings untold,

And let the wonders of the mind unfold.

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