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My true best Friend. Poet- II

A poet on best friend. Poet- II

By QuoteveryPublished 28 days ago 1 min read
My true best Friend. Poet- II
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Dear my best friend-

This friendship we share,

is precious to me.

I hope we make it strong and flourishes,

and lasts unto infinity.

You are so extra special to me,

and this is only to you I must tell.

You are my best and true friend,

you are my guardian and angel.

Circumstances pulled us apart,

And separated by many miles.

Surely the things that keep me going,

is treasured memory of your smile.

By Rod Long on Unsplash

You taught me to love myself,

your support made my life seem so good.

you taught me I can do the impossible to possible,

And suddenly I knew I could fly like a cloud.

Our friendship is one in a million,

so let's hold on to each other.

we can not let this friendship of pure bliss fly away,

we will stand for each other and never be another.

Thank you.

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