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my sloppy toppy

by Gladys W. Muturi about a month ago in slam poetry

my sloppy toppy got me naughty

my sloppy toppy
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Late at night

He calls me

He just want one night

He doesn't want a wife

I thought I might

Have his time for the night

He may not be the type

But I just want him one night

Make him mine

His body mighty fine

My sloppy toppy got me naughty

He loves it when I call him papi

He is so hype on my body

My sweet hottie

And I'm his sloppy toppy

Dick mighty mighty

He is my ultimately

Give me all my time bae

Devour me like it's live bait

He should have been my roommate

Maybe hook up before the sun comes up

My sloppy toppy

Mine for the night

Got me working on an appetite

Finish me off with a slice of my pie

He knows when it is right

I want him to do me right

Hop me every night

If you have the time

You know where to find me

My sloppy toppy

slam poetry

Gladys W. Muturi

Hello, My name is Gladys W. Muturi. I am an Actress, Writer, Filmmaker, Producer, and Mother of 1. I write for a living and act for my life.

Instagram: @gladys_muturi95

Twitter: @gladys_muturi

Facebook: facebook.com/gladystheactress

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Gladys W. Muturi
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