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My Problem

Love's Twisted Game

By Svilleg6Published 2 months ago 1 min read
My Problem
Photo by Dan Mall on Unsplash

A tangled thread, my heart, where love divides,

Two goddesses, with beauty that confides.

One, fire in her eyes, a storm-tossed sea,

Her passion fierce, a wild symphony.

The touch of one, a brand upon my soul,

Her love a tempest, taking full control.

She leaves me breathless, breathless with desire,

A stolen kiss that sets my world on fire.

The other, gentle rain on sun-warmed ground,

A soothing touch, in peace and comfort found.

Her laughter rings, a melody so sweet,

With her, a whispered vow, a love complete,

Or so it seems. For in her gentle gaze,

There lies a depth that sets my spirit ablaze.

Her love, a slow caress, a quiet fire,

That burns within, a yearning I can't tire.

One's love a tempest, shaking me to core,

The other, calmest harbor, wanting ever more.

Both hold a piece, a puzzle incomplete,

A bittersweet desire, oh, so hard to meet.

Reason screams to choose, a single flame,

But love's a fickle thing, a whispered name.

Can a heart be whole, yet yearn for two?

A traitor's dance, a love that can't be true?

I hold them close, with fear and hidden shame,

Praying the truth won't sever love's sweet game.

But choices loom, a storm upon the tide,

And in this web of love, my soul must hide.

Nightmares plague me, whispers in the dark,

Of shattered trust, a love torn from its mark.

Will honesty bring freedom, or despair?

This tangled love, a burden I must bear.

For in their eyes, a future I can see,

But which one's path is meant to be for me?

The answer lies within, a truth untold,

A heart must choose, though love may turn to cold.

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  • Ameer Bibi2 months ago

    You wrote it very well amazing excellent story

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