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My Love

An angel

By RICHARD WPublished about a month ago 1 min read
My Love
Photo by Christophe Van der waals on Unsplash

In realms where dreams entwine with light,

My love, a beacon shining bright,

Like an angel, pure and fair,

Guiding me through realms of air.


With wings outstretched, you softly soar,

Across the skies forevermore,

Your grace, a dance, a symphony,

In every whispered melody.


What angel does, my love, you do,

Embrace the heavens, pure and true,

With tender touch, you mend the night,

And fill the world with wondrous light.


What promises of me to thee,

A vow eternal, bound to be,

To cherish, honor, and adore,

Till time dissolves, forevermore.


So let our love, like angels' flight,

Ascend beyond the realms of night,

In sacred vows, our hearts entwined,

A love that soars, forever signed.

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    RWWritten by RICHARD W

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