My Darling Dear

by Kayton Hickenlooper about a year ago in love poems

Brighter Days

My Darling Dear

My darling dear

I know what is in your heart

I know right now things may be confusing

Feeling like everything has been ripped from your core

Leaving you to dry up and sizzle away

I know you have moments where everything hurts

And all you want to do is to lay there and cry

My darling dear

There is no longer a need for you to feel that way

You have grown to be stronger

To be wiser

To know that today is just the beginning

The beginning to something brighter

To moments so unforgettable

That you will feel like you are dancing on both the sun and the moon

Rising higher then any rocket that they launch into the sky

Because you have everything that it takes

To create all of the wonders that you could possibly posses

My darling dear I know at times of peril you feel down

But believe in yourself

For brighter days will come

They will shine and bring out the light

That dances inside

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Kayton Hickenlooper
Kayton Hickenlooper
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Kayton Hickenlooper

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