Where Am I

I will not give up.

Where Am I

Where am I

I walked through the doors

Of a challenge unknown

In hopes that I soon would learn

How to balance like a ballerina spinning on the very top of her toe

How to connect the fabrics of time and to watch them unfold naturally

Draping over mountaintops and stitched with love

I see the clock on the wall and it moves against the norm

Completely backwards

However this time it feels as if I am actually moving forward

Battling the demons that cradle me to sleep

Conquering the emotions that leave me awake for days

Releasing the substances that chain me into the believe that I am not good enough

The places that I once feared are the places that I find rest and solitude

Some things were lost, others taken

It is said that in order to gain you must first lose

So maybe to gain knowledge you first have to lose your mind

Where you spin in circles like the hat of a mad hatter

Bonkers and insane

Flamboyant and covered in the most vibrant feathers

The colors of my soul have changed like the crisp autumn breeze

However the reflection in the mirror isn't the same

I no longer recognize the person I see but now I have never felt more alive

I may not be where my dreams wish to take me but I am happy

And I can now say that I have tried

I have walked through the doors to where I'll be in the dark

Following the light of my intuition and spending my nights in front of the glowing stones

I have no idea where I am or where it is that I will go

But I will continue to try

With all of my might

Determined and destined that I will find where it is that my tribe may be

Kayton Hickenlooper
Kayton Hickenlooper
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Kayton Hickenlooper

I write to clear my mind. To get out of the fog of daily confusion. An artist by heart. To live, laugh, and grow.

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