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Ms. Molly's Metaphors

Moved Melodically

By ANITA RACHELLEPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Compartment C Car, 1938 by Edward Hopper

Mom mastered molding metal

Mysteriously marvelously magically.

Meanwhile minoring music,

My motives moved more melodically.


Maybe missing money made marks

Multiplying major mistakes.


Minty milkshakes melted,

Meeting moats’ mouthwash,

Making menthol motorboats.


Minutes mobilized motorcycles

Miffing malaprops melodramatically,

Manifesting moonlight's miniscule mitochondria.


Miracle Mars metastasized

Magnifying mineral matter,

Motivating mercenaries.

_ _

Muscles maneuvered mail

Manipulating muddy mirth,

Masking memory's magazines.


Machines murmured,

Maintaining missions

Manufacturing million methodical mixtures.


Mountains mingled mercifully

Mimicking mammoths' migration,

Mounting meal modulation.


Memories marked meditation's momentum

Modeling morality's maps.


Minds moved misjudged monsters’ monstrosities,

Mostly mitigating meerkats

Miming muted men’s mindful microphones,

Morphing Ms. Molly’s metaphors.

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  • Dooney Potterabout a year ago

    There’s such a mechanical feel to the imagery: macinery, motion, all harking back—from my perspective—to the “molding metal.” I am obsessed with “Manifesting moonlight's miniscule mitochondria,” it’s so deep and dark and obscure. The only thing I missed, personally, was more hints of the musical and melodic promise of the first stanza, which I expected to hear/see as the poem developed (unless I am completely lost in a maze of metaphor). Beautiful and creative writing.

  • Lady Headlampabout a year ago

    Very much love this and will post to my profile. I feel interpretation can and perhaps is intended to be an exercise of freedom here and that let's me loosen the anxiety or guilt about assigning meaning and cast it off. Seems to me the best tautograms here are the ones that embrace openness this way. I did not submit on time in anattempt to have control because it might be expected. This was against my better judgement though. My instinct was to use the medium to allow freedom. I will listen to imtuition next time. This is beautiful! Followed and posted.

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