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Hooped Hemispheres

By ANITA RACHELLEPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Summer Evening, 1947 by Edward Hopper

He held herculean hands

Hypnotizing her humble home habitat,

Honoring hereditary holes half-healed.


Her heavy heavenly harp

Hunted hundred hymns,

Hastily hinting hope he hoarsely hummed here.


However, horrific high-pressured heated hunger hit,

Honestly hindering healthy heliotropic Homo sapiens’ hearts;

Highlighting hidden hypertension, hostile histrionics, hedonistic hearsay;

Hosting hornet hives, hammering headaches, hardship highways.


Hefty horses’ hooves hesitated.

Huge hippos’ hips heaved,

Hijacking hillside hotel hideaways,

Heralding hyped hostages helpless.


Humbugged hooligans hovered.

Holy histories hollowed,

Heightening hospital hiccups,

Hampering humanitarian helpfulness.


Hooped hemispheres,

Hiked horizons,

Harmful hugs

Heeded haunts.


Handsome-horned him

Hooked human he(r).

Hey, hi, hello.

Hello, hi, hey.

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