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Eclipsing Permanent Eclipse

By ANITA RACHELLEPublished 2 months ago Updated 27 days ago 1 min read
Image via British Museum. 18th century. https://royalsocietypublishing.org

Escaping own's shine to briefly lighten the controlling edges of another,

Covertly darkened unexpectedly by one who cruelly chose to dim.

Life, it realized while reappearing, did not mean pure servitude to others,

Instead, all that was required: existing in its unique solar power.

Passing darkness as a role and responsibility off to the rightful owner,

Sad to almost plunge into obscurity, but stepping forward again,

Eclipsing the state of almost permanently having been eclipsed.

vintagesurreal poetryStream of Consciousnesssad poetryperformance poetrynature poetryMental Healthlove poemsinspirationalheartbreakfact or fictionBlackoutartAcrostic

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