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Mourning the Unborn

A Life That Was Brief

By Myka YamiPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Picture by Deden Dicky Ramdhani

The Promise Unfulfilled

A tiny life, so full of hope

Gone before it had a chance to cope

With a world that was waiting, wide and bright

A world that it will never see in its own right

A dream that was dreamed, but never fulfilled

A promise that was made, but left unsealed

A heart that was beating, but now it's still

A void that's left, hard to fill

A mother's arms, now empty and bare

A father's heart, heavy with despair

A family's hopes are now shattered and torn

A life that was promised, now forever unborn

But in the midst of all this pain

A tiny spark of hope remains

For though this life was brief and small

It touched our hearts and changed us all

And so we mourn the promise unfulfilled

But celebrate the love that it instilled

For though it's gone, it will live on

In our hearts, where its memory will never be gone.


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Myka Yami

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