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Mountain Mirror

Vulture visits volcano

By Karun Published 25 days ago • 1 min read

Melody Music Mountain mirror

Always love wins over terror

Imagination over real

visualisations over feel

Beats instill energy

Shadows sweat sweety salt

Simply smile at agony

Cause even they have death halt

Treasured titanic Sank sad

lanters light ladders lonely leg

Love lived after death, my bad

shadow survived sun sighed

Mild Mind Mountain mirror

Always loved not feared

Imagine ideal deal

Vacuum your feel

Vulture visits volcano

You must step in

endure everything that follow

Take it on the chin

Life lives lies lived

dice dives dries dies

Def ears sleep

Blind eyes listen

Dreams defends day dungeon

dance dresses demon decipher

life lurks night normal nightmare

Fire fight for foreign

Might My Mountain mirror

At times love wins over further

Imagined my dear

visualising "I am over feel"

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About the Creator


🌿✨ Karun, a poet weaving emotions into verses, embarked on the journey of words to unearth the beauty of feelings. In the delicate dance of ink and emotion, my poetry delves into the nexus of the human heart and the natural world.✍️

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  • Esala Gunathilake24 days ago

    It is brilliant Karun.

  • Vacuum your feel, that was my favourite line!

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