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By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

There's only one life we are living.

Only one chance to get things done.

Need to focus more on giving.

Then we'll find reward with days in the sun.

We have to motivate our minds.

Stimulate our souls.

Work through the daily grind and achieve our goals.

Some people complain about their lack of will.

The lack of stamina that keeps them on the move.

It feels like there are certain obligations they have to fill.

But deep down they know they have nothing to prove.

They need to motivate their bones.

Articulate their limbs.

Hearing life's song in a sweeter tone.

Discover the hero within.

The only thing we should fight for is each other's backs.

Not squabble in the street like tempered cats.

To fall apart, it only takes one crack.

We need to stop, listen and observe every fact.

We have to motivate our common sense.

Communicate without prejudice.

Have a conversation without offence.

Then perhaps we can get through this,


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Paul Crocker

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