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Byronic Hero


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

I like a man who knows what he is after.

Who revels in the joy of music, sex and laughter.

A man who doesn't care who knows his deepest thoughts.

Enjoying the corruption of what innocent eyes and ears are taught.

Nobody ever got enjoyment from staying a zero.

That is why I look up to the Byronic hero.

Sitting with one leg on the table and the other over the arm of the chair.

He knows full well that he receives a shocked stare.

Squirming with delight as he wallows in the sin.

He is dedicated to that naughty voice within.

He isn't a demon but he comes near though.

That scandalous bugger we call the Byronic hero.

Whether it is Orton or Byron himself.

They never let themselves stay on the shelf.

Creating the chance and taking the risk.

They never stirred, they frantically whisked.

I would never admire someone as fucked up a Nero.

But I certainly admire the honesty and defiance of the Byronic hero.


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Paul Crocker

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