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Country Lanes


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 1 min read

Take me away from the city.

It's not where I belong.

I'm looking for a more natural gritty.

Where the connection is more strong.

Let us walk down country lanes.

Where we don't care if it rains.

The hustle and bustle of the inner streets.

Choking on fumes and blinded by fluorescent lights.

I want to go where the air is sweet.

From the floral path that holds our sight.

Come and stroll down country lanes.

Away from the concreted strains.

Some like to walk along beaches.

But they'll forever be shifting sand.

I love how effortlessly the countryside teaches.

How to really enjoy this land.

So walk with me down country lanes.

How just a butterfly can ease your pain.

The sunlight filtered through the leaves.

The best roof that one could ask.

The dew that is brushed upon our sleeves.

The enjoyment of it is no difficult task.

Please take a walk down country lanes.

You'll lose count at how many wonders the soul gains.

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Paul Crocker

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