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Moonlit Confessions

Silvery Promises in the Night

By Waseem ChemPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
 Moonlit Confessions
Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

In the stillness of the midnight air,

Whispers of secrets, with utmost care.

A celestial stage, where truths unfold,

Promises made in the night, untold.

Bathed in the lunar glow's warm embrace,

Hearts reveal tales, in a sacred space.

Each word a glimmer, like stars that beam,

A symphony of secrets, a moonlit dream.

Under the silver veil of cosmic delight,

Two souls dance in the tranquil night.

Confessions bloom like flowers at dawn,

In the garden of night, where love is drawn.

The moon, a witness to desires confessed,

In its gentle glow, true feelings expressed.

Reflections of longing in eyes so deep,

Silent vows whispered, promises to keep.

A serenade of whispers, soft and low,

Echoes of love in the moon's tender glow.

As constellations weave stories of passion,

Silvery promises endure in night's sweet fashion.

Oh, moonlit confessions, a magical art,

Binding hearts together, never to part.

In the realm of night, where dreams take flight,

Silvery promises bloom, bathed in lunar light.

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Waseem Chem

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  • Isabella Rose3 months ago

    This was so descriptive and magical.

  • This felt so magical! Loved your wonderful poem!

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