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by Valentyna Holloway 2 years ago in love poems
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This is a love song.......

The strains of a sonata

on a flower-scented winter’s night

permeating the stars with its

sweet perfume. In the air, a

glittering of romance and

lingering scent of redamancy.

I watch with intentful eyes as

the melody captures you

in it’s hands, so light, so soft,

as you took me into your arms

the velvet of my skin enraptured

by your exquisite touch.

And as I melted into the music beneath

your hands, I could fold my

very bones to lie against each

note. To that music, we discovered

what forever tastes like and

that this sonata was all we needed.

love poems

About the author

Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna, wordsmith, poet, bearer of scribed love, flâneuse, and aesthete is the published author of several poetry collections including This Is A Love Song, Forbidden Love Songs, Coffee Laced Thoughts, and The Ripped Notebook Series.

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