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Tracing Constellations

by Valentyna Holloway 3 years ago in love poems
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Dancing to the hymns of meteors......

Tracing stars in the night sky

with gentle fingertips

pulling constellations together

until they spell your name.

Hoarding falling stardust

as it shakes from my hair

lapping up the pleasure

of the letters that define you.

Breathing our holy love

into the tails of comets

inhaling the clusters of prayers

devoted to you in their wake.

Dancing to the hymns of meteors

softly humming notes in reverence

of your divine form giving in to

pleasure’s symphony at the crescendo’s rise.

Swaying barefoot until the rise

of the loud and naked sun

burning a stream of colours

as it sings your praise at dawn’s light.

love poems

About the author

Valentyna Holloway

Valentyna, wordsmith, poet, bearer of scribed love, flâneuse, and aesthete is the published author of several poetry collections including This Is A Love Song, Forbidden Love Songs, Coffee Laced Thoughts, and The Ripped Notebook Series.

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