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Moon Shadows

by A. Rose 3 months ago in sad poetry
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A. Rose

Moon Shadows
Photo by Andrés Gómez on Unsplash

Black is the night; light is his darkness.

A lost love,

Forever gone with the latest of summers.

Left with winter storms, his soul, still trapped beneath the snow.

His eyes began melt from frozen tears,

While the moon’s shadow follows him here.

Ashes fall from his burned lips,

As the fire within him begins to speak once again.

Tonight, he finds the light, and the light follows him.

For the frigid peace has become his friend.

The moon is her heaven, yet her heaven is dark.

Another heartbeat without him, yet she cries out.

She refused to forget what her skin remembers of him…

She still feels his voice on her lips.

How could she forget his kiss?

Losing him was never a choice.

The winds had taken him like a frozen voice.

Just another breeze from a summer’s call,

Was all that was left of him,

As she had crumbled into the hands of the Fall.

sad poetry

About the author

A. Rose

Hello readers, I hope you are all enjoying the content I have created for you. I would love to hear your feedback, any is appreciated! Thanks again for checking out my stories,

A. Rose

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