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Our Darkest Little Secrets

by A. Rose 3 months ago in surreal poetry
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A Rose

Photo by A. Rose

For the silent ones…

She carried a secret, so did I.

Our pasts, always intertwine.

We were children when we died,

Forsaken by our angels while the monsters thrived.

So, she became an angel to protect me,

Then I had grown my wings.

We loved each other without a word because we knew what would happen if the others heard.

Tears fallen within the depths of the shadows, while our faces smiled.

When fear came to call, she sheltered me beneath her wings like a wounded child.

Then, it was my turn to protect her, from the devil inside her head, I battled.

We were liars she and I, as we tucked in our truths beneath their pride.

Not a one knew what we sustained; they may never be able to carry our pain.

It is better this way you see, to have possessed all our dark little secrets between our teeth.

Gone now, her wings clipped as she had been set free, while I am left with all this grief.

With these dark little secrets to keep,

I lie here now as I am unable to breathe.

My protector gone,

who is left to carry me?

I cry out but no one hears me.

I shiver holding them all, our darkest little secrets are forcing me down.

I hear the whispers as I cry out the truth,

It isn’t enough to heal our wounds.

So, I begin here, thinking of her and all the truths, and it is now my time to fly far away from you.

surreal poetry

About the author

A. Rose

Hello readers, I hope you are all enjoying the content I have created for you. I would love to hear your feedback, any is appreciated! Thanks again for checking out my stories,

A. Rose

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