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Monotonous Monogamy

by Ivy Rozen 2 years ago in love poems
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I let my body away from me.

Monotonous monogamy

I let my body away from me

I slip into a state of bliss from which I can’t return

My lips press against your lips, the tender flesh burns

It’s a sin it’s pure pain, I tell you to go

I must be insane, I can never say no

I’m used and abused and you tell me to lie

I feel no qualms as you wave goodbye

The real pain comes when you look at me

And snap me into realty

You say it never happened, as if it will ever end

You say we’re never lovers, we’re only ever friends

Those words, this promise, forever mine to keep

Forever will I bear this burden, tossing in my sleep

Forever I am “her”, I am hurried, I am deceit

I stand for all that riles you into a furious feat

I cause dispute, I don’t want to stay

You persist and pull me in as I try to walk away

Endless cycle, you hurt me more

Than you could ever know

Oh I see, I’ve been here before

But you always tell me to go

I see her eyes, they well with tears

I am the embodiment of her worst fears

I sink my claws into her heart

You see her flaws and tear her apart

I won’t partake when you say such things

She’s a beauty abused, your insults sting

They’re intended for her, but hurt me the worst

Because it’s my doing, I’m why her name is cursed

I hate your type, I know what you do

But despite how I try, I can never leave you

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About the author

Ivy Rozen

Writer and poet with published articles, email campaigning experience, teaching experience, and a completed poetry residency with Free Verse, where I finished my first book of poems, Runcation, on sale now at www.IvanaWrites.com

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