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Little Miss Perfect

by Ivy Rozen 2 years ago in sad poetry
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lived in her own world.

Little miss perfect

Always got what she wanted

Always held up her smile

Little miss perfect

Miss “never been tainted”

Miss “won’t you stay a while?”

She’ll give you everything you could imagine

She’ll do anything you ask

She’ll be your dream girl, just wind her up

Just stab her in the back

A couple of nice words

And a smile cheek to cheek

Don’t underestimate her

She’s just a little weak

She’s no fool, no, no, I swear!

Simply tell her not to speak

And you won’t have to hear a word

Just see her smile cheek to cheek

Oh yes indeed she’s perfect

Satisfaction guaranteed

Simply stab her in the back and turn

To do your dirty deed

She won’t mind, oh no sir

She only lives to please

She won’t cry, no not her

Won’t let tears cloud all she sees

Oh yes, miss perfect got just what she wanted

And she never shed a tear

Because little miss perfect lived in her own world

That she created with her fear

sad poetry

About the author

Ivy Rozen

Writer and poet with published articles, email campaigning experience, teaching experience, and a completed poetry residency with Free Verse, where I finished my first book of poems, Runcation, on sale now at www.IvanaWrites.com

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