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Monologue About Raving

by Fiona Teddy-Jimoh about a year ago in performance poetry · updated about a year ago
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Pre-drinks at mine.

I’ll count the money I’ve saved up just for this night.

Hear it rattle in my purse,

I’ve got a backup fifty in the bank.

I’ll be fine,

Pre-drinks at mine:

7 till 9.

Got half a gin,

Some tonic,

And a bottle of wine tucked away somewhere.

I will do my hair,

Wear something rare,

Paint my nails with great care.

My face is going to look fab with glitter around my eyes.

Tonight will be filled with so many highs.

Music pumping,

Friends jumping,

As I’m stomping to drum and bass,

Feeling ace,

With a great big grin across my face.

Nothing will touch me,

Apart from the sweat and shoulders

And my best friend’s shoes as I hold her hair.

She will be doubled over as she throws up in the loo,

I don’t mind through --

It’s true.

Nothing will screw up this feeling.

Every moment will be meaningful.

It will feel like

Time slowing down

Until it grinds to a halt.

Time will then be still

And I will feel euphoric.

Heart racing,

Beating quick,

To every snare and every kick,

I will love everything around me

While I’m partying.

That sensation --

You can’t beat it.

My soul will be glowing with glee,

Just me and my pals truly living,

Feeling free.


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