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So You Can Write A Sonnet Like Shakespeare

by Fiona Teddy-Jimoh about a year ago in how to
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Consider writing using the standard rule.

So You Can Write A Sonnet Like Shakespeare
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So you can write a sonnet like Shakespeare,

Consider writing using standard rule:

A rhyme is what your audience must hear,

Manipulated iambic to fool,

Across the fourteen lines that you must pen,

For love, desire, romantic affair,

The words you speaketh must add up to ten,

But heart and mind must balance with great care,

Pleasing words for the sonnet to sustain,

A beautiful scenic dreamy landscape,

Painted throughout the whimsical quatrain,

Include the couplet that changes the shape:

So you can write the right sonnet or two,

Writing like Shakespeare is what you must do.

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