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Modern couple

Work together

By T. Eugene WilliamsPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
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Working Couple

Hold me in your arms

Spend some time with me

Life is too short to work so hard

I will run your bath

I will give you a massage

Preserve your energy, my love

Unplug the phone and get some rest

Take time to enjoy life

Take a vacation to Cancun

Let me help you

Let me guide you

Let me be your homie lover friend

In my heart, I truly believe

You would have given me the same advice

That I am giving you now

love poems

About the Creator

T. Eugene Williams

Screenwriter, producer, author, and Army Veteran. My socials are @TEugeneWilliams(Twitter), @t.eugenewilliams(Instagram),T.EugeneWilliams(linkedin).

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  • Cezanne Libellen4 months ago

    Aw. This is so cute T!! This deserves a big old ♥

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