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Missing You

A Letter Home

By El PoetPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Missing You
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I miss our private interviews

I miss your smooth skin, too!

Something looks different about you...

What you been doing, fixing food?

See, what that thickness do?!

Have me cutting up with the kitchen crew in this platoon...

And I ain't showing them your pictures, boo...

I'm missing you...

Reminiscing on how your scent perfumes

Have me entering moods

I shouldn't be into while in the midst of this feud

But you, always, have eased my mental...

Rub me something sensual on my temples...

So simple how the heart beat, instant grooves...

And what I'm itching to do is pinch your two glands...

Yes! I am mentioning you!

When I say! Can friends do friends, ma'am!?

These adventures have been blue, and mad!

Things I've seen I probably shouldn't speak to

In this interesting interlude we've had....

I still smell your essence on the last letter sent... {sniff} ewe

So suspenseful, when we put this all together...

As I brainstorm on our love,

I can always weather what is to come...

Frequency disruptions in the air

When my position moves, and it's rare these days

Hopefully, I'll get some better reception there...

Wherever I am...

I'd love to share some voice connection!

Of course, I am protected

By the craziest USA investments

'Hoo Rah' sayings and many mudras respected...

That's what we do ma'! Got me feeling blessed...

Brotherhood and Friendship: Is what it is, I'm guessing...

And what's the message?

I rather be with you eating the freshest of fruit from our labor, less is more and my time here is approaching it's ending hour, baby. May we stay dry from bullet showers: our daily prayers. God gave me the capability to traverse the globe and make it back home safely, yeah. Soon, I'll be in a robe, drinking coffee, Sunday paper in hand, with shades on like it's spa day and I'm getting a tan. Homecoming, to lay kisses on my loved one's faces, again!

Best wishes

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El Poet

Subscribe, so I can provide something magical while striving to be autobiographical. For the life of me I shall not take a sabbatical. I'll keep writing these apical poems, as longs as it's fashionable to my passionate flow. Let's go!

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Comments (1)

  • Sharon Smith2 years ago

    I really dig this one. Thank you... For sharing and for your service.

El PoetWritten by El Poet

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