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mirage of night

the other side of light

By Brian Wong Published 30 days ago 2 min read

I spent the day well

Even when the sun is setting, I feel emotional

I hugged her with great excitement

The stars I see in her eyes

The neon lights that light up the ten-mile long street

From then on, I couldn’t get over the water

I thought it was natural and deep love

A long stream of water

But inadvertently tore up the covenant between the sea and the mountain

The sea breeze just kissed the cliff casually and let me fall into the sea

But I only like cliffs

Because there is where we once lived till death and eternity

So I was terrified and wanted to climb up bit by bit

I struggled hard

Even if it's a little bit higher, that's fine

But, that dark night was too long

So much so that I no longer believe that the cliff is still there and that the sea breeze at dawn will still be there

I no longer believe that I can see the second day of this world

Maybe, from beginning to end

I have never seen the sun, nor have I kissed the sea breeze

After all, what I saw at the beginning was a burning cloud

In other words, from beginning to end

I didn't even see the real sunset

Then, I came to the other side of light - the mirage of night

The mountain is thousands of feet high, and there is almost no one there at night

I didn't turn around

Because I'm afraid of being thousands of feet away

It's the end of the night

I was also afraid, at that time I

I can only scream feebly in front of the unfamiliar light

I climb this mountain very slowly

Level after level, level after level

Walking non-stop, talking endlessly

Finally, before the wind stopped and the blood dried,

Saw the end of hope

Finally, he spoke to Chaoyang:

From now on, I will grow old with you

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About the Creator

Brian Wong

Hello, I'm Brian Wong , a 29-year-old aspiring writer dedicated to weaving captivating stories that resonate with the depths of human experience.

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