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Middle Child

"She Did It"

By Cathy DeslippePublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Middle Child
Photo by Samet Gezer on Unsplash

Yes, that is me.

I am stuck in the middle of three.

When my parents would say.

Who's in trouble today?

Two siblings pointed their fingers at me.

I always reacted with a chuckle of he, he.

The middle child likes to explore.

Time out didn't stop me from opening a new door.

To identify oneself as a middle child.

It might just take a little while.

The eldest is the one who is smart and kind.

The baby, of course, has an intelligent mind.

While I myself made life unique.

I was eating all the chocolate, hiding and whoever knew what would be found in the sink.

My adventures were even filled with cats hiding in a shed.

I fed them tuna, milk and bread.

Yet from the meowing sounds.

My parents quickly found them all around.

Quick to make me return them all.

Catnapping was not my call.

Attention is something one may need.

And the middle child can succeed.

Life was interesting, especially for mom and dad.

As you grow, you start to feel sad.

As we mature, we learn that behaviour is not right.

I think the positive behaviour would have been a good insight.

A handful as a child is what I was back in the day.

Now my identity has changed in many a way.

I figured out who I really wanted to be.

At times, though, that middle child clown one may see.

I find that with all of that, humour brings joy to all.

Stand Up Comedy might just be my call.


About the Creator

Cathy Deslippe

Catherine Deslippe

At the age of 7, I became an author. I am an international writer with many authors; all royalties went to cancer patients without insurance. I used to write to cope, but now I write to bring others hope.

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  • Jay Kantor3 months ago

    Dearest Cathy - You are THE most creative 'Poet' within our little vm village. Funny: I was the last of (4) kids...even my Twin was (12) minutes older...Hence he was the 'Alpha' Jay

  • Lol, seems like you had a fun childhood! Loved your poem!

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