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A Forgiveness Poem

By Laura MerchantPublished 9 months ago 1 min read

Friendships are like tree trunks:

They twist, they break, they bend.

But you won't see much growing trees

Unless we choose to mend.

Well, what if it's your grandmother?

Your neighbor or best friend?

They soon could be a nobody

If you don't choose to mend.

"It's not MY fault!" you shrug and scoff,

"THEY chose to offend!"

Pointing the blame's a sore loser's game.

Winners choose to mend.

Perhaps you think, "I'll play along."

Like an actor, you'll pretend.

How can you heal what isn't real?

Take a bow and mend!

Before you post those hurtful words,

Reflect before you "SEND”.

Rethink your tone, put down the phone,

Reconnect, and mend.

Sure, it might not be easy,

It may not be the trend.

It could be strange, but things won't change

Unless we choose to mend.


About the Creator

Laura Merchant

Writer. Teacher. Performer. INFJ. Disney enthusiast. Texan.

Instagram & Twitter: @LMerchant84

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