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The perplexity of the mind

By Andromeda GallariniPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

In a pitcher of light amongst basking fireflies,

A swirling of leaves and a windy fireside,

This is my place where I like to hide,

Where I like to stay and wait out the night.

I saw a sunset reminding me

Of a sunny beach with crashing sway,

All silent except for the sound it made

When the land came in contact with the sea.

Then the memory became increasingly loud ,

And the fondness began to fade

As a great vacuum started to crowd

And suffocate the wistful away.

Inducing this pain and crippling plight

Is no one’s right as such

To mar the appearance of memory,

Making it painful to touch.

The confidence of my sanctuary,

Has all been washed away,

My heart distressed by ignorance

Towards my feelings throughout the day.

Like corn husk matures into dust,

And metal turns into rust

Of certain minds I have a thought:

Some remain obstinate and dull,

Some are warm and beautiful,

Some twist and bend

Before they end

But memories do not.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Andromeda Gallarini

Andromeda is a mother, song writer and an aspiring psychologist. Her main interests include the perplexity of the human psyche and the amelioriation of the "human condition".

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