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Tissue Paper at Sea

a story of myself during a time of grief

By Andromeda GallariniPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
"Of a Series of Yavi Island" by Olena Samoilyk

In Neptune's realm, where azure waves do roam,

A fragile pice of tissue paper found a home.

Lost in the boundless, unending abyss,

It danced with grace and finally whispered kiss.

This metaphor is a tale of one now gone,

Whose life, like frail tissue was carried on.

In mortal coil, they too did ebb and flow,

But now, to depths unknown, they had to go.

Upon the water's surface, gleamed with light,

The tissue paper drifted, pure and white.

Just like a soul set free from earthly ties,

It floated beneath the ever-changing skies.

The ocean's currents bore it far away,

In patterns known to nature's grand ballet.

It faced the tempests, gentle breezes too,

As life's own voyage, each path it must pursue.

The tissue paper whispered secrets vast,

Of memories, dreams, and moments from the past.

It held within its fibers, soft and thin,

A life's tale woven deep, the truth within.

Yet, as it journeyed, slowly did it fray,

Much like our time, which fades with each new day.

The salt and sea began to claim their prize,

As echoes of a life were lost in cries.

In depths profound, where mysteries reside,

The tissue paper drifted with the tide.

A metaphor, profound, for those who've passed,

Their essence lingers, though they couldn't last.

Though fragile as a tissue in the gale,

Their legacy endures, a timeless tale.

In Neptune's realm, where stories intertwine,

A tissue paper's lost by love's design.

So let us cherish life's fragile, fleeting grace,

And in our hearts, the moments embrace.

Unlike a tissue paper lost at sea,

Our loved ones' spirits live on in you and me.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Andromeda Gallarini

I am thoroughly a creative at heart. Writing, painting and crocheting are my practical interests, while mulling over the perplexity of the human psyche and the intricately complex nature of the "human condition" goes on in the background.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 9 months ago

    Great poem!

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