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Memories of an Island Summer

By: *Karlton A. Armistad

By Andrew LittlePublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Photo Summer Bloom by A. Little 2021

Memories of an Island Summer

By: Karlton A. Armistad


A gentle yet subtle breeze, easily dries the salted beads of sweat

Begging Me to leave my relaxed afternoon but I’m not ready yet

Staring out at the picturesque sky-blue sea as it rushes to shore

There is no place I’d rather be than right here, right now

Enjoying a delicious Mojito as the birds fly past to and fro.


My nostrils flair as they enjoy the scent of the sweet Hibiscus blooms

Kissing the bright sky and waltzing with the heated air

My colourful rope-woven Hammock swings slowly

My thoughts not yet collected enough to face the day’s tasks

Watches as the prancing poinsettia plants boldly

Seduces the warm breeze and begins to dance

Bob Marley singing on the radio, and I recognise the song

My legs pull to me to dance and sway with the rhythm

I try and sing that I ‘don’t want to wait in vain….for your love’

As true love when true, takes over all you do

Demanding compromise and inflicting pleasure and pain.


So I sip my Coconut Jelly, and tell myself ….I man Irie

As Summer come, and this might taste better with some Rum

The song on the radio changes and you can hear Will Smith saying

‘Summer.. summer…summer time’, and I make a pledge to go

Past the edge and make a summer romance mine.

On one of the most beautiful islands in the world, there is a heart beating

To feel soft full lips hold them tight in gentle arms

While grooving and moving to music, and feelings grow past calm.


I miss my island paradise, from the white sandy beaches

To the rushing and crushing waterfalls

Every moment I am gone, seems way too long

Leaving me constantly craving a night out raving

On my summertime island home.


fact or fiction

About the Creator

Andrew Little

Carlton A. Armistad is the pseudonym for Andrew R. Little. I prefer writing under this as it allows me to look at any body of work I complete separate to my personal day-to-existence, and safeguards my relationships and family.

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